We are thrilled to announce that the Seminar Stage is being generously sponsored by none other than Fish TV and Ontario Toyota Dealers!

Fish TV, a well-renowned authority in the fishing world, has been a guiding light for countless anglers, both novice and experienced. They have been at the forefront of showcasing the thrill and joy of fishing through their engaging television programs and online content.

Ontario Toyota Dealers have long been a driving force in the automotive industry, and we are delighted to have their support for our Seminar Stage. Just like Toyota vehicles are built for reliability and performance, their sponsorship reflects a commitment to excellence that perfectly aligns with the caliber of speakers and presenters you'll find on our stage.



We are thrilled to announce that Outfitter Financial is once again the Official Financial Planner for the 2024 Toronto Sportsmen Show! Just like how expert outfitters lead the way on thrilling expeditions, Outfitter Financial is here to guide you on a path to financial success.

With their wealth of knowledge and experience, Outfitter Financial understands the unique financial needs of outdoor enthusiasts like you. Whether you're planning your next adventure, looking to secure your family's future, or aiming for long-term financial stability, they have the expertise to help you navigate the terrain of our ever-changing financial landscape



We are Paws-itively excited to announce lnukshuk Professional Dog Food, as the Title Sponsor of the Retriever Trials and Hunting Dog Area at the 76th Annual Toronto Sportsmen’s Show.

lnukshuk formulas have what it takes to keep your active dog healthy and happy, while unlocking their true potential. Inukshuk’s nutrient-dense formulas are crafted with the same level of care and attention you give your dogs. Their unique vacuum infusion process creates a kibble that is high in fat and protein, specifically developed to enhance the performance of working dogs and athletes.

lnukshuk Professional Dog Food is ideal for hunting kennels, breeders and working dogs of all types. Inukshuk offers the best bulk pricing on the market, shipped directly from their manufacturing facility in Fredericton NB – delivered to your door, across North America! You can also hop on to purchase household orders, or to find a local reseller in your area.

Inukshuk’s fiercely independent approach to making the world’s highest energy dog food allows them to control and maintain industry best quality standards, formulation integrity and consistency. Inukshuk Professional Dog Food: They work hard – so your dogs can work harder.




We are delighted to have Amsoil as the proud sponsor of our Marine and Outdoor Adventure Hall! Their unwavering support makes this event even more thrilling for all outdoor enthusiasts.

Amsoil is not just engineers, chemists, and manufacturers, they are also racers, gearheads and thrill-seekers. Like you, they are at their best when working on their vehicles, fine-tuning their performance or cruising down the highway. That’s why the sponsorship of the Marine and Offroad Adventure Hall is a perfect fit for Amsoil and its Dealers.

Join us at Hall #5 to experience an exciting array of marine adventures and outdoor wonders. Thanks to Amsoil, we're set for an unforgettable journey into the great outdoors!





We are delighted to have Punisher Waterfowl as the sponsor of "The Refuge" area at the show - a dedicated sanctuary for all waterfowl enthusiasts! Prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey into the world of waterfowl adventures.

Punisher Waterfowl is your ultimate resource for immersive online content and a captivating podcast entirely dedicated to waterfowl. Their passion for the sport and commitment to sharing knowledge make them the perfect partner for "The Refuge" area. Whether you're an avid waterfowl hunter or simply captivated by the beauty of these majestic birds, Punisher Waterfowl's content is sure to engage, educate, and entertain you.