The Refuge - Presented by Punisher Waterfowl

The waterfowl hunting community is the largest growing hunting community in Canada, and in fact, female duck and goose hunters are the biggest growth demographic there is, the Refuge presented by Punisher Waterfowl at the 76th Annual Toronto Sportsmen’s Show will feature seminars on waterfowl hunting and will place a focus on Youth Hunting, Female Hunting , Decoy Setup, Clothing, Strategies and much more….you won’t want to miss it.

The Refuge will be a central feature area at the show to promote all that is Waterfowl, learn tips and techniques from some of the premiere companies and products in the industry. The Refuge area will have a great line up of exhibitors for show attendees to learn from, purchase products from or just hang out with, we already have commitment from some amazing exhibitors such as:


Final Approach


"Final Approach was started in 1993 out of one hunter’s necessity, to create a blind that would conceal him in the most comfortable, hidden way. We made the first layout blind “ The Eliminator” and to this day still make the best blinds on the market. Our passion for waterfowl hunting and our commitment to making tougher gear for equally obsessed waterfowl hunters can be found in every Final Approach blind, decoy, piece of clothing, and accessory. To every fanatic that shares our waterfowl passion, we say thank you for supporting us and we hope we make your days in the field more memorable and enjoyable. If you’re up at 0 dark thirty, like us and ready to get after it, we promise you this: As long as there are birds to chase while your lab watches that promising patch of sky, Final Approach will stay later, work harder and build smarter products to make your hunt that much better."

Tiny Goose Apparel


"Tiny Goose offers a range of sizes to fill the gap in hunting apparel for toddlers and young children. Our custom designed BW Field camouflage pattern is perfect for waterfowl, turkey hunting or for just everyday wear. Our small business is dedicated to providing children with the perfect gear. From jackets and pants to hats/beanies and earmuffs, our extensive collection covers all the essential camouflage gear for their outdoor needs. Designed with functionality in mind, the jacket and bib pants features multiple pockets to store essential gear. These pockets are strategically placed for easy access, allowing children to keep their hands free while having their hunting essentials within reach. The insulation is lightweight and non-bulky, ensuring freedom of movement and allowing for additional layering if required."



Explore the Waters with NuCanoe at The Refuge! Dive into the world of innovative hybrid kayaks designed for fishing and hunting by NuCanoe. Since 2006, NuCanoe has been a pioneer in crafting kayaks with confidence-inspiring stability, complete customizability, and remarkable versatility. Their models redefine adaptability, allowing you to propel them with a paddle, pedal, or power.

Traeger Grills

"Traeger Grills, is the creator and category leader of the wood pellet grill, an outdoor cooking system that ignites all-natural hardwoods to grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise, and barbecue. Their grills are versatile and easy to use, empowering cooks of all skill sets to create delicious meals with a wood-fired flavour that cannot be replicated with gas, charcoal, or electric grills. Grills are at the core of Traeger's platform and are complemented by Traeger wood pellets, rubs, sauces, premium frozen meal kits and accessories. You can find them in the Refuge Waterfowl Area Presented by Punisher Waterfowl at this years Toronto Sportsmen’s Show March 14 – 17 2024 at the International Centre."