Retriever Schedule

The Ontario Hunting Retrievers Association is a group of hunting retriever enthusiasts that have come together to showcase the abilities of their hunting dogs. The OHRA will demonstrate training methods, and introduce tips and tactics to help hunters train their dogs for more success in the field.

At the 2024 Toronto Sportsmen’s Show The Ontario Hunting Retrievers Association will be hosting demonstrations throughout the weekend. During these demonstrations, they will be showcasing the dog’s natural and trained retrieving abilities that are sought after in a quality hunting retriever. Dogs will range from young & inexperienced to top level competitors.  At the end of the demonstrations some lucky future handlers from the crowd will get an opportunity to try their skills at handling these high energy dogs. After the demos, the handlers will be around for you to meet the dogs, and ask their experienced handlers your training questions.

The Ministry Canine Conservation Program and Demonstration

The primary objective of the ministry canine services is to provide specially trained teams of canine handlers and scent discriminating detector dogs to assist enforcement officers in locating evidence at crime scenes, detecting concealed fish and wildlife, and tracking people including resource users or as part of search and rescue efforts.
Their K9 demos consist of educating the audience on who and what an Ontario Conservation Officer is so there is a understanding on what we do. They will educate on the history, hiring of K9 handlers, dog selection for the program, training dogs and handlers, what the dogs are trained to do! Don't miss them at the show!

The North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association

The North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering, improving, promoting and protecting the versatile hunting dog in North America. The aim of the organization is to serve the interests of game conservation, the prevention of cruelty to animals, and good sportsmanship by encouraging hunters to use dogs that are well trained in work before and after the shot, on land and in the water.

We are a group of like-minded people with one thing in common: we all enjoy the thrill of hunting over a well-trained versatile dog. There are currently 30 recognized breeds of versatile hunting dogs. While each breed differs somewhat with respect to their physical characteristics and hunting styles, they all possess the versatility required to locate, point, and retrieve upland game, find, and retrieve wounded waterfowl, and serve as well-mannered companions in the home.

At the show we will demonstrate the drive, obedience, and partnership that each NAVHDA dog and handler share. The Dog to Handler relationship will prove strong during some upland game bird pointing simulations, and some waterfowl retrieval work. Come and enjoy this unique example of what a versatile dog can do.