The Overlanding Area - Presented by OverlandNTH

Embark on an exciting expedition at the Overlanding Area during the Toronto Sportsmen's Show, where the essence of adventure lies in exploration and the journey itself. Immerse yourself in the Overlanding lifestyle—a celebration of freedom, discovery, and the uncharted path. Unveil a world of possibilities as you explore the finest Overlanding vehicles and cutting-edge equipment designed to enhance your outdoor adventures.

This is more than just a display; it's an invitation to join a community of like-minded enthusiasts who believe in the transformative power of exploration. From rugged terrain to remote landscapes, the Overlanding Area is your gateway to experiencing and learning about our planet in a way that goes beyond the ordinary.

Off Grid Trailers


"At Off Grid Trailers, our mission extends beyond providing exceptional off-road trailers; we are dedicated to being a partner in vehicle-based exploration. Our commitment to zero wood manufacturing isn't just about durability and sustainability; it signifies our pledge to quality craftsmanship and innovation. We strive to make adventure accessible to all, tailoring our trailers with precision, driven by our unyielding passion for exploration. Each unit is meticulously designed and customized to meet the diverse needs of our consumers, ensuring that every journey is met with comfort, reliability, and a seamless connection to the great outdoors. As a trusted partner in the pursuit of off-grid adventures, we're not just crafting trailers; we're crafting experiences, empowering adventurers to embrace the unknown with confidence and style."

Go Overland


Explore Overlanding Excellence with Go Overland Canada in the Overlanding Area! Since 2020, Go Overland Canada has been a Canadian-founded, wholly owned, and operated venture, manufacturing top-quality rooftop tents and overlanding gear. Offering the best-priced rooftop tent packages in Canada, their range spans from lightweight 85 lb options to spacious 4-person tents with all the extras. With international operations in the USA and Europe, Go Overland Canada is your go-to for premium overlanding equipment.

Great Ape Empire


Discover Adventure with Great Ape Empire at the Toronto Sportsmen's Show! Hailing from Wiarton, Ontario, this Canadian Forces Veteran-owned outdoorsman outfitter outpost store offers more than just gear—it's a hub for exploration and survival expertise. Great Ape Empire goes beyond retail by hosting and instructing 5-10 day all-inclusive survival courses on the breathtaking Bruce Peninsula. Participants gain a diverse set of skills, from fire and shelter building to trapping, fishing, animal processing, and foraging. As a retail powerhouse, Great Ape Empire holds the Retail Distribution Rights for life-saving equipment from SAM Medical, top-tier fire starters from Fire Fast, and the delectable Dick Duffs Beef Jerky and Meat Sticks.

Chilly Moose


Explore Chilly Moose, the family-owned brand based in Schomberg, Ontario, specializing in high-performance outdoor coolers and drinkware since 2019. Operating online and at over 350 retailers nationwide, Chilly Moose stands out in the Canadian market with products engineered for the Canadian climate and a distinct Canadiana look. Not only do they provide top-notch outdoor gear, but Chilly Moose is also dedicated to giving back. As an Integrity Reforestation Partner, they plant a tree in Canada for every corporate customized drinkware sold, rejuvenating areas impacted by wildfires or logging.