Great Outdoor Stage presented by The Ontario Federation of Anglers & Hunters



Stage Emcee - David Arama



David Arama is the Director of WSC Survival School Inc. WSC delivers Survival & Safety Training, Youth & Adult Survival Camps, Customized Programs for Groups, and are Consultants for Media Survival-Disaster News, and Reality

Learn life-saving survival preparedness tips! You are biodegradable, don't become a statistic. Be prepared, learn how to construct a survival kit, dress for extreme weather conditions, and choose the right communication and GPS gear

Speaker Bios

Trials and tribulations of finding land, permission, birds, animals and the potential dangers of hunting alone. Shared experiences, successes, failures and everything in-between

Presented by: Lori-Anne Horst

Lori-Anne Horst is a devoted hunter and nature enthusiast who found solace in the wilderness of Grey and Bruce Counties, away from the bustling city life of Hamilton, Ontario. Despite growing up in a household where hunting was traditionally perceived as a male activity, Lori-Anne embraced the sport thanks to the encouragement and support of her husband, Steve, and his family. Her journey into hunting began at the age of 24, even during her pregnancy with their first child.

Discovering hunting filled a void in Lori-Anne's life, leading her to appreciate the depth of knowledge, experiences, and relationships that the hunting community offers. She values the camaraderie, stories, and memories shared in the great outdoors, and eagerly anticipates passing down her passion for hunting to her children.

Predator Calling. Hunting the Hunter

Presented by: Anthony Dickson

With coyote populations exploding across much of North America today's hunter is presented with a unique opportunity. As Stuart's of the environment we are tasked with renewing the predator, prey balance. No one said it couldn't be fun. This seminar will equip both the novice and experienced predator caller with tips and tricks to improve their odds the next time they go after these wary and adaptable canids

Q&A on Baitfish in Ontario

Presented by: Adam Weir, OFAH Fisheries Biologist

Wild Pigs in Ontario

Presented by: Brook Schryer & Matthew Robbins


Presented by: Kevin Bartley


Presented by: Mike and August Miller

The Invading Species Awareness Program Outreach Liaison

Presented by: Jeff Berthelette

Clean, drain, dry and decontaminate is an awareness campaign that encourages Canadians to take action to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species. The steps are simple and easy to follow. Canadians are encouraged to follow these steps before moving watercraft, trailers and equipment between waterbodies

The Journey. 10 years of Adventure with Fred Campbell

Presented by: Fred Campbell

Entrepreneur and avid outdoorsman, Fred Campbell is also the founder of Hooké which has brought him to travel around the world to meet with inspiring people who share a common passion for fly fishing and hunting. Whether he is in a business meeting for one of his companies or fighting a big Atlantic Salmon in the Gaspé Peninsula, one thing remains: he has always followed his passion for adventure and conservation.

Why Sportsmen Should Take the Lead on Environmental Conservation

Presented by: Joel Theriault - Hooked On Canada TV / Air Ivanhoe Outfitters

With groups like the OFAH, Ducks Unlimited, and Stop the Spray Ontario pushing environmental conservation platforms forward through social media, anglers and hunters now have better tools for environmental conservation and protection than ever before. Showing the world the conservation ethics of anglers and hunters not only brings more respect for these outdoor sports, but it also shows real people with real connections to the outdoors protecting what they love. Case studies and opportunities to get more involved in environmental conservation will be discussed.


Presented by: Mario Friendly and Tyler Mann

Mario Friendy the VP of Sales and Marketing at Final Approach and Tyler Mann Owner of Saskatchewan Goose Company will be doing a waterfowl seminar at the Toronto Sportsman’s show. The topics covered in the seminar will help you have a more successful hunting you are a beginner or a seasoned waterfowl hunter. If you chase waterfowl and are obsessed with it, I can guarantee you will learn something at this seminar. They will talk about simple mistakes that are made in the field and how you can make sure they don’t happen to you. They will have a question-and-answer session during the seminar so if you have something that you are stuck on they will do all they can to help. Hope you stop by and check it out.

These guys have over 65 years of waterfowl hunting experience between them both. They have spent thousands of hours in the field chasing birds, scouting their habits, and paying close attention to the details.

Learn The Art of Duck Calling (& WIN Prizes!)

Presented by: Rusty Heron

Rusty Heron is a Canadian World Goose calling champion. In 2016 he started his own call company Heron Game Calls. An avid waterfowl hunter, he has been involved in the hunting industry for over 25 years, and has a vast history of contest calling, judging, and helping fellow waterfowlers master the craft of calling and call making., Rusty is now devoting his time to hunting with his two sons who look to carve their own path in the Calling Circuit.

Learn the art of Duck calling from a master caller, during his presentation at the show attendees will have the opportunity to compete in a calling contest and win some great prizes.