Bob Izumi is a Canadian fishing icon and ambassador, and a champion of recreational fishing worldwide. He entered his first bass tournament at age 15 when his father Joe Izumi organized the first-ever bass tournament in Canada in southern Ontario in 1973. He’s been hooked on tournament bass fishing ever since. Izumi became Canada’s first full-time professional angler in 1979.
His bass tournament career is unsurpassed among Canadian anglers, with more than 70 major event wins to his credit at last count, including multiple "Angler/Team of the Year" titles. He is also the only Canadian angler to win the "Triple Crown" of fishing, capturing the Canadian Open, the Classic Championship, and Angler of the Year title in a single season. In July 2011, Izumi won his first major championship in the USA when he captured first place in the Everstart Series (FLW) 1000 Islands tournament. He’s the only Canadian to have won bass tournaments in each of the last six decades.
In 2000, Izumi created Fishing Forever, a not-for-profit conservation organization to act as a fundraising and funding agency for worthwhile fishing, conservation and education projects. The organization helps fund dozens of events annually and, since its inception, it has assisted over 100,000 youngsters to experience the joy of fishing.
In summary, Bob lzumi is a Canadian fishing legend, and one of the most recognizable anglers in Canadian history.