About the Show

Beginning in 1948, the Toronto Sportsmen Show has grown to become one of the most recognized and attended events for outdoor enthusiasts across Canada! It has become a magnet for anglers, hunters, boaters, campers, and outdoor enthusiasts throughout Ontario. They gather in the heart of Toronto to discover cutting-edge gear, master new techniques from industry pros, and forge lasting connections with like-minded adventurers.  

 With thousands of loyal repeat customers and a consistent influx of new visitors each year, this event plays a pivotal role in making the outdoors accessible to the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts. 


Testimonials from the 75th Annual Toronto Sportsmen's Show!

13 Fishing & Rapala – Mark Van Beek – “The 75th Annual Sportsmen's show was a great success for 13 Fishing and Rapala as we were able to get face to face and build real engagement with 10’s of thousands of fishing and outdoor enthusiasts. We very much look forward to next year and plan to increase our booth size. We have something BIG planned for 2024…”

Fur The North – Eric Morin – “Everyone there is driven by a passion for the outdoors, it made connecting with potential customers easy. Although strangers to each other, the show felt like meeting up with old friends.”

Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters – Angelo Lombardo – “The TSS provides a unique, one-of-a-kind experience, that connects us directly with those who appreciate the outdoors and are passionate about fishing and hunting. Being a part of this show puts us directly in contact with our target audience and provides an excellent opportunity to promote the OFAH and our lifestyle.”

Legend Boats – Henry Nguyen – “Legend Boats has been a proud supporter of The Sportsmen’s show since the early 90's. The Sportsmen’s Show has always been a breath of fresh air to our long Canadian winters and breaks up the cabin fever feeling. We attend this show to showcase our new models and provide customers the ability to take advantage of our early pre-season promotions and availability of product for pickup. As we head back to normality with shows, the Sportsmen show will continue to play a key part in the marine industry for Canadians many years to come”


Fishing: Recreational and skilled anglers will be coming to the show to find the gear they need to get ready for fishing season. Surveys show that up to 90% of our attendees have an interest in fishing - this is your chance to put your product or service in front of an engaged audience. 

Hunting: Visitors will be able to find the necessary gear, firearms, archery equipment, taxidermy, guiding and outfitters for all the upcoming hunting seasons. 

Boating: Toronto Sportsmen’s Show is a premier selling venue for Ontario’s recreational boating industry. With fishing as a major component of the show, boating is a natural fit to round out the marine needs for Ontario Sportsmen and Sportswomen! We bring together a variety of brands all under one roof, for the consumers who are excited to get on the water. 

Powersports: Exhibiting at the Toronto Sportsmen’s Show is the best way to put your product in front of thousands of top qualified buyers. This exciting feature of the show will bring powersport enthusiasts and attract thousands of potential customers right to your booth. We will be working hard to expand the powersport presences on the show floor to round out everything for the outdoor enthusiasts, and “wow” attendees with a variety of exciting units including ATV/UTV, power equipment, trails and more!

Visitor Statistics

The Toronto Sportsmen Show has developed a unique and diverse audience. Over the years we have discovered that our ‘typical’ outdoor enthusiasts are just that – an individual who enjoys every aspect of the outdoors! Why is this great for your business? Well, the average person who attends our show typically makes more than one purchase and from various exhibitors (i.e., both fishing and hunting equipment). The show’s attendees are so diverse that you will be able to promote, brand and sell multiple lines of products to the same attendee!

• 94% of visitors make a purchase at the show
• 69% Male & 31% Female
• 64% of attendees live outside the GTA
• 70% of the 2023 audience were return customers
• 56% of the audience hunts
• 90% of the audience fishes
• 65% of the audience own a boat
• Millions of media impressions each year via Instagram, Facebook, Google ads and email marketing.


Our all-inclusive booth package includes:
• Back & side wall drapery.
• Aisle Carpeting
• Exhibitor Parking
• Pressure Cleaning
• Container Storage
• Discount Admission Passes
• Forklift Services to and from your booth up to 5,000 lbs* (provided that special lifting and moving equipment is not required)


10x10 Booths 

100 – 200 sq. ft. minimum – $15.80/sq. ft.  

Bulk Space (carpet not included): 

300 sq. ft      $12.50
400 – 999 sq. ft.  $9.75
1000 – 1499 sq. ft.  $7.50
1500 – 1999 sq. ft.   $5.80 
2000+ sq. ft  Contact Show Management

*Deluxe Booth - $20.00/ sq. ft. (Carpet, Table & 2 Chairs) 

Mike Blakoe

Show Manager

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Thursday, March 13
10:00am - 7:00pm 

Friday, March 14
10:00am - 7:00pm  

Saturday, March 15
9:00am - 7:00pm 

Sunday, March 16
10:00am – 5:00pm 

International Centre

6900 Airport Road
Mississauga, ON
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