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OPG Water Safety Day: March 16


Ontario Power Generation operates more than 60 hydroelectric stations and over 240 dams on 24 river systems, and most of these facilities are remote controlled.

Water levels and flows near hydro stations and dams can change rapidly and with little or no warning, taking you by surprise. In colder weather, deceptively thin ice can crack and give way, plunging you into dangerously cold and turbulent waters.

“OPG has a longstanding commitment to promoting water safety,” says Jennifer Rowe, Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs. “More than a third of our power comes from renewable hydroelectric generation, so we’re always exploring new ways to keep the 'stay clear, stay safe' message fresh and memorable.”

Meet Dammy the Beaver

OPG’s latest water safety campaign features the harrowing tale of Dammy the Beaver.

An avid angler, Dammy learns firsthand about the dangers of fishing near hydro dams and generating stations. His message to everyone tempted to fish or have fun in these areas is to stay clear, stay safe because your life may be on the line.

The advice is particularly timely. On Saturday, March 16, OPG will hand out free water safety bags and information materials to help keep families safe. Visit for more information.

OPG Water Safety Day: March 16

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