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RSK-1 Trailer

Booth #1219

This trailer manufactured in Quebec is the ideal equipment allowing you to enjoy your leisure and simplify your work. Its unique design allows the trailer to slide along potential obstacles, facilitating transport in the forest. The RSKTM-I trailer, made of 100% fiberglass, features quality construction that meets the highest standards.

Snot Rocket Fun Fishing Co.

Booth #2360

NEW to the 2017 Exhibitor List we welcome, Snot Rocket Fun Fishing Co., a North American made brand of lifestyle apparel and accessories. Our brand’s first goal is to celebrate the distinctly fun and quirky spirit that kids bring to fishing and, that the fishing world can share with them.

Each shirt features one of the many nicknames angler’s have for their favorite catch – such as Bucket Mouth, Wild Eyes and Pumpkin. A portion of our sales goes towards charities that support children’s fishing initiatives in North America. We are proud members of the CISA, ASA and supporters of Catch Fishing.

Fanatik Baits

Booth #2628

Fanatik Baits Larva 

Larva is an imitation of dragonfly larvae which already gained legendary status in Europe and Russia. Dragonfly larvae is the favorite food of all kinds of fish as it lives in all kinds of waters and is relatively slow, so it becomes an easy target for anything that can swallow it. In addition, it is enhanced with our secret natural ingredient mixed with salt. So, it doesn’t just act real but tastes real too. As a result, you get a lure that works in the situation when everything fails. Try with the Demountable Jig Fanatik for the best results!

Fanatik Baits Mik Maus

Mik Maus has been tested for 6 long months in order to get the ultimate bait, and we got it! It may look weird but try to remember a tadpole which is the favorite food of many predators. Its tail is its ace in the sleeve and an addition of 4 tails moving at streams and retrieves move this bait’s action to a new level. Animation and presentation you can now make are just in a different league, especially when used with Demountable Jig Fanatik! Believe us, this is something you should definitely have in your tackle box.

Fanatik Baits Goby

Goby is one of the favorite foods of any predatory fish because it’s high in nutrition but doesn’t have any defensive features except its camouflage. Its’ specially constructed tail makes our goby move much more natural horizontally - just like the real goby. So, jig or drop shot this goby and you will get a such wanted bite of bass, walleye or even pike. It is enhanced with Fanatik’s secret ingredient and salt like all our products so it tastes real too. Try with the Demountable Jig Fanatik for the best results! 

Close Quarters Hunting

Booth #1046

Introducing Grunts Balsam fir camo lozenges! A natural health product made for the outdoor enthusiast. A taste of Grunts Balsam fir camo lozenges is like a breath of fresh air. A blend of natural ingredients for the temporary relief of sore throat, cough and nasal congestion. Optimal for hunters as the balsam fir helps mask a hunter’s breath and clears throat secretions to improve calling techniques.

Trap Stix

Booth #2361

Easy ICE FISHING as you've never imagined

TRAPSTIX was invented back in 1991 by Chajen Enterprises Outdoors. TRAPSTIX was developed and PATENTED with three basic goals in mind:

1. To eliminate most, if not all, common problems associated with conventional tip ups.

2. Make ice fishing FUN and SIMPLE for all ages and for all skill levels.

3.  CATCH MORE FISH!!!!!!!!  

TRAPSTIX achieves these goals and would like to share that success with you....Join the TRAPSTIX team and spend more time fishing and less time fixing!

Visit our web site for more details.

Cablz Engineered Eyewear Retainers

Booth #1337

Whether you are boating, fishing, golfing, hunting, running, biking, hiking or just enjoying the great outdoors, Cablz are the ideal eyewear retention system that will keep your eyewear comfortable, secure and stylish. Cablz are the next generation in eyewear retention and are designed with all lifestyles in mind. Visit our website

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  • Wednesday March 15th 10am - 7pm
  • Thursday March 16th 10am - 7pm
  • Friday March 17th 10am - 7pm
  • Saturday March 18th 10am - 7pm
  • Sunday March 19th 10am - 5pm


  • Adult $20.00
  • Senior (60+) $13.00
  • Junior (13 - 17yrs) $13.00
  • Kids (12 & under) FREE!